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Overview of OSH research regarding mental health at work of workers with low soc...
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European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)
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Overview of OSH research regarding mental health at work of workers with low socioeconomic status
Please note that this is not a call for tenders but a publication announcing the Contracting authority’s intention to publish a future negotiated low or middle valueprocedure.

The main objective of the study is: - To give an overview of the existing research and prevalence of risk factors for mental health of workers with low socioeconomic status with a particular focus on psychosocial risk factors and to better understand possible associations related to the topic; - To increase knowledge and improve access to information related to mental health and psychosocial risk factors for workers with low socioeconomic status; - To identify and analyse intervention strategies at different levels (e.g. company level, sector level, national level) in an exemplary way to complement the information collected; - To identify and analyse sectoral specificities, needs of companies of different sizes, and groups of workers and/or occupations with low socioeconomic status being especially affected. Expected deliverables are: - Development of a comprehensive report (max 50-70 pages) based on the results of the research tasks that will include: 1. an introduction to the topic; 2. the results from literature review, including case examples to give ideas of successful intervention approaches; 3. conclusions and policy recommendations. - Provision of an executive summary (max 6 pages), a presentation and power point slides based on the results. The maximum total budget available for the contract will be EUR 48,800 (excluding VAT).
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