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ICT Horizontal Services
Contracting authority:
European Maritime Safety Agency
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Time limit for receipt of tenders:
ICT Horizontal Services
The contracts resulting from this call for tenders will support the areas of internal IT project management and business analysis. They will also provide support to other internal IT areas, as foreseen to be needed, complementing EMSA’s internal capabilities, namely: in areas like enterprise architecture, IT security, data science and data management, IT development and maintenance of IT solutions and other technical expertise required for effective management of IT portfolio.
Open procedure
All lots
Framework agreement
3,850,000.00 EUR
Conditions for participation
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
09/11/2022 00:00
07/02/2023 16:00
09/02/2023 11:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1
Project Management and IT Consultancy
The services under this lot consist in performing tasks in the field of IT development, maintenance, and operations of EMSA’s current and future digital services for which development, maintenance and/or operational contracts already exist or shall be established.
Lot 2
Information Security
Security consultancy services and associated activities as per the published procurement documents (lot 2).
Lot 3
Data Management Support Services
EMSA manages a number of maritime digital services for Member States’ and EU Bodies’ operational users. These services have a high level of availability and are provided via front ends (graphical user interfaces) or system-to-system (S2S) web services and APIs. These services process and rely on multiple data sets and data repositories. In general terms, a data warehouse organisation, products and services are to be developed across the collection of information and data derived from numerous operational systems and external data sources. A data warehouse is to consolidate and transform raw data into business objects in order to supports business decisions in an optimal manner by allowing data analysis and reporting at different aggregate levels.
Lot 4
Technical Expertise
The services consist of performing tasks in the field of IT technical expertise as per the provisions of the published procurement documents (lot 4).
Lot 5
Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services
Operation and continuous improvement of the EMSA Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a managed service for cybersecurity monitoring and investigation of cybersecurity events and incidents and incident response and remediation on a H24 basis, 365 days/year and enhancement of the SOC.
Reference Notice type Publication date
2022/S 216-621450
Contract notice
09/11/2022 00:00