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Compiling and updating consumer and marketing law content for a digital reposito...
Contracting authority:
European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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Compiling and updating consumer and marketing law content for a digital repository.
The purpose of this 10-month contract is to provide services to the Commission, bringing up to date the information currently contained in the consumer law compendium database and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive database, inserting them into a digital repository of consumer and marketing law which the contractor will need to create for the purpose.The geographical scope of the work should cover all Member States of the European Union.
Open procedure
Public contract
Conditions for participation
See tender specifications.
In order to prove their financial and economic capacity, the tenderers (i.e. in case of joint tender, the combined capacity of all members of the consortium and identified subcontractors) must show that their annual consolidated turnover exceeds 300 000 EUR (average for the past 3 years).The following evidence should be provided:— the completed ‘simplified balance sheet’ and ‘simplified profit and loss account’ completed for the last 2 years (Annex 2 must be completed),— copy of the profit and loss account and balance sheet for the last 2 years for which accounts have been closed,— failing that, appropriate statements from banks,— if applicable, evidence of professional risk indemnity insurance.If, for some exceptional reason which the contracting authority considers justified, a tenderer is unable to provide one or other of the above documents, he or she may prove his or her economic and financial capacity by any other document which the contracting authority considers appropriate. In any case, the contracting authority must at least be notified of the exceptional reason and its justification in the tender. The Commission reserves the right to request any other document enabling it to verify the tenderer's economic and financial capacity.
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a. Criteria relating to tenderers:Tenderers (in case of a joint tender the combined capacity of all tenderers and identified subcontractors) must comply with the following criteria:Regarding the tender's team:— the tenderer must prove experience in the field of conducting legal studies with at least 3 projects delivered in this field in the last 3 years with a total value of minimum 300 000 EUR,— the tenderer must prove capacity to draft reports in English,— proven ability to conduct legal research and drafting legal summaries in English (language quality check of provided translations).The team delivering the service should include, as a minimum, the following profiles:Project leader: at least 5 years' experience in project management, preferably in the area of consumer and marketing law, including overseeing project delivery, quality control of delivered service, client orientation in projects of a similar size (at least 300 000 EUR) and coverage (geographical scope at least half of the one subject to this call for tender), with experience in management of a team of at least 10 people.Project manager: proven work experience of at least 3 years in conducting legal studies, in particular organising the collection of information in different countries and coordinating the analysis of this information for at least one of the managerial staff.Legal experts: relevant higher education degree and 2 years' professional experience in the field of consumer and marketing law and/or procedural law and experience in preparing and conducting the legal research. The team should include at least 1 relevant national expert for each of the 28 Member States. Each member must prove language skills in the language of the country for which he/she is responsible.Information technology experts: proven experience in creating complex online databases, organising and performing updating and maintaining content equivalent to the one described in this tender, using operational online database or Web-based publication system.If several service providers/subcontractors are involved in the bid, they must jointly have the professional and technical capacity to perform the tasks assigned to them.b. Means of proof:The following evidence should be provided to fulfil the above criteria:1. tenderers should provide with their offer detailed curriculum vitae of each staff member responsible for carrying out the work, including his or her educational background, degrees and diplomas, professional experience, research work, publications and linguistic skills. The CVs shall be presented, preferably, in accordance to the Commission Recommendation on a common European format for curricula vitae, published in OJ L 79 of 22.3.2002, p. 66;2. a list of the principal services similar to the object of the present contract provided in the past 3 years, in particular relating to legal studies in multiple Member States, with the sums, dates and recipients, whether public or private, of the services provided, together with certificates issued or countersigned by public authorities or by private clients or, failing this, simply declared by the service provider to have been effected;3. Part of the contract which the service provider intends to subcontract.Subcontractors must provide a letter of intent stating their willingness to provide the service foreseen in the offer and in line with the present tender specifications. The letter of intent is to be scanned and uploaded under ‘Qualification’ --> ‘Identification of the Tenderer’ --> ‘Subcontractors’ --> ‘Documents’.
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