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EIB Group joint external audit services.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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EIB Group joint external audit services.
EIB Group joint tender for external audit services.The tender is for 2 lots, with separate contracts; 1 lot referring to services to be provided to the EIB (‘lot A’), and 1 lot (‘lot B’) referring to services to be provided to the EIF, whose majority shareholder is the EIB (61,4 % shareholding per register of EIF shareholders dated 7.9.2015).No application template is available, please submit your application respecting the naming convention indicated in Sections III.2.2 and III.2.3 (documents A1 to A12).A document named ‘Declaration regarding the exclusion criteria and the absence of conflict of interest’ and required in Section III.2.1 must be downloaded via the link indicated in Section I.1Any requests for additional information should be addressed in writing by 21.1.2016 (23:59) at the latest exclusively via the e-tendering platform. Requests not submitted via the e-tendering platform will not be considered. The corresponding link is indicated in the contract notice, Section I, ‘Electronic access to information’. The e-tendering platform contains a questions/answers section permitting tenderers to send questions within the deadline specified above and consult the EIB Group replies.The EIB Group will publish its replies on this platform at least 6 calendar days before the deadline for submission of applications.
02/01/2016 00:00
28/10/2016 23:59
12/02/2016 23:59
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1
Lot A: External audit services for the EIB
Contract related to provision of external audit services to the EIB: includes an audit of the 3 sets of EIB financial statements and a review of the EIB semi-annual interim financial information, reviews of semi-annual and annual filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and annual filing with the Japanese Ministry of Finance (reported in Japanese), support for the EIB's various bond offerings in the international capital markets — including the issuance of comfort letters to underwriters/authorised requesting parties in connection with financial statements/financial statement schedules included in registration statements filed with the SEC, perform an assurance engagement on the sustainability report of the EIB Group, perform agreed upon procedures in relation to the tax withheld on salaries, pensions and other emoluments paid by the European Investment Bank to the European Commission, perform audit or assurance-related services for mandated operations, facilities and funds administered by the EIB on behalf of third parties.
Lot 2
Lot B: External audit services for the EIF
Perform an audit (and express an opinion thereon) of: the financial statements of European Investment Fund, the group consolidation packages submitted by the European Investment Fund to the European Investment Bank for the consolidated EIB Group financial statements, the financial statements of mandates managed by the European Investment Fund on behalf of the European Union represented by the European Commission, the financial statements of mandates managed by the European Investment Fund on behalf of third parties and provide other audit-related services including relevant audit opinion either for the EIF or when required in the context of the administration of mandates by the EIF on behalf of other parties.
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2016/S 001-000020
Contract notice
02/01/2016 00:00