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Copernicus land monitoring services - high resolution land cover characteristics...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Copernicus land monitoring services - high resolution land cover characteristics for the 2015 reference year.
The purpose of this call for tenders is to establish framework service contract(s) with (an) economic operator(s) who can provide the EEA with the following types of products and ancillary consultancy services: — production of 5 high resolution layers (HRLs) on imperviousness, forest, grassland, wetness and water and small woody features, — production of biophysical parameters (for imperviousness and forest products), — reanalysis of the existing imperviousness time series 2006–2009–2012, — consultancy services in relation to the products to be produced. The production of the requested HRL is divided into 5 thematic lots.
Open procedure
09/03/2016 00:00
25/04/2016 16:00
02/05/2016 10:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1
Imperviousness and imperviousness change for EEA39 area and reprocessing of imperviousness and imperviousness change for 2006, 2009 and 2012
The delivery of reliable imperviousness change information over time is of key importance in the user requirements. This is to be ensured with the production of an update of the existing high resolution layer (HRL) of imperviousness, including change products for the 2015 reference year. In addition, to ensure proper absolute and relative calibration of datasets, a reanalysis of all existing imperviousness and imperviousness change products is required (IMD 2006, 2009 and 2012 20 m and 100 m, IMC 100 m for 06-09, 09-12, 06-12).
Lot 2
Forest products for EEA39
This procurement ensures the delivery of an update of the existing 2012 reference year forest products, slightly modified and including (for the first time) change products. This includes products on tree cover density (TCD), leaf type and forest type (FTY), as well as tree cover density change and leaf type change products for the reference year 2015. In addition, TCD (and subsequent changes necessary for FTY) for the 2012 reference year will be corrected, where necessary, using a harmonised calibration dataset.
Lot 3
Grass and non-woody vegetation products for EEA39
The main product for the ‘HRL grassy and non-woody vegetation’ high resolution layer, is a ‘grass and non-woody vegetation mask’, that includes all grasslands across the use intensity spectrum. The product will be based on a longer time series of imagery (multi-temporal and multi-sensor) going back as far as 2009, and create a baseline grassland mapping. In this sense it will not update the HRL 2012 attempts to map grasslands, but provide a thorough baseline for future change monitoring.
Lot 4
Wetness and water product for EEA39
For the 2012 reference year production, permanent wetlands and water were produced together, but published as separate products. Based on the experience with the 2012 production, and widespread misunderstanding of the ‘wetland’ product, products are now modified and renamed, such that only 1 combined layer of water and wetness is produced. This product maps permanent water, temporary water, permanent wet and temporary wet areas.
Lot 5
Small woody features (SWFs) for EEA39
Small woody landscape features are important vectors of biodiversity and provide information on fragmentation of habitats with a direct potential for restoration while also providing a link to hazard protection and green infrastructure, amongst others. VHR imagery 2015 made available in the ESA Copernicus DWH will be the main data source for the detection of small woody features identifiable within the given image resolution (= < 1 m panchromatic, 2–4 m multi-spectral (MS)). The small woody features (SWFs) layer contains woody linear, and small patchy elements, but will not be differentiated into trees and hedgerows. The spatial pattern shall be limited to linear structures and isolated patches (patchy structures) on the basis of geometric characteristics.
Reference Notice type Publication date
2016/S 048-079079
Contract notice
09/03/2016 00:00