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Single source desk top thermal evaporator for Target preparation
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Geel (JRC-GEE)
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Single source desk top thermal evaporator for Target preparation
Please note that this is not a call for tenders but a publication announcing the Contracting authority’s intention to publish a future negotiated low or middle valueprocedure.

JRC Geel intends to replace the Tristerine evaporator which is end of life. Here is an overview of some technical requirements (this list may be updated before the publication and is only used to give an indication of the procured instrument): 1. Stainless-steel vacuum chamber with viewport 2. The complete system (excluding backing pump) must fit on a lab bench. 3. The system must not exceed the following dimensions (L x d x H): 100cm x 60cm x 90cm (Excluding the backing pump, which can be free standing and be placed under the bench on a wheeled platform) 4. Turbo molecular pumping system with Rotary-type dry backing pump max elec 6A@240VAC 5. Maximum noise level 52dB (A) ISO 3744 and 4871 6. Base pressure <5x10-7 mbar 7. One thermal evaporating power supply 8. 2 sources 9. Safety interlocks 10. The system has a substrate shutter Substrate platen 11. Sufficient space for a Substrate stage 6” – in options 12. Standard Substrate stage 4” 13. Quartz crystal sensor head for in-situ rate/thickness calibration 14. Straightforward crucible changing 15. For both metal and organic deposition 16. Z-shift 17. The system has a variable speed substrate rotation 18. High resolution Touchscreen HMI for system control 19. Manual and Automatic operation (recipe-based control modes) 20. Automatic chamber pump and vent routines 21. Chamber venting time within 5 minutes 22. Delivery within 10 weeks 23. CE certification 24. European service and support center. 25. Installation and training on Geel site 26. Operation manuals in English, one hard copy and one digitally 27. Modular system design, allows for future upgrades of the systems
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