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Support of surveillance activities of human influenza in Europe 2016–2020.
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Support of surveillance activities of human influenza in Europe 2016–2020.
Specific objectives are: — to ensure a high quality of laboratory diagnosis, virus characterisation, antiviral susceptibility monitoring and molecular typing in the EU/EEA through external quality assessment activities, — to ensure capability, gap-identification and capacity building through corrective actions with progress monitoring over time by external quality assessment activities and training activities, — to support high quality of the surveillance of human influenza viruses in Europe undertaken by ECDC and the EU/EEA Member States through training activities, — to establish mortality monitoring associated with influenza infection during and outside the influenza season as a tool for assessing severity and impact as well as for pandemic situations, — to ensure rapid laboratory preparedness and mortality monitoring during an influenza pandemic or an unexpected major public health event.
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24/06/2016 00:00
10/08/2016 16:30
17/08/2016 10:00
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External quality assessment (EQA)
To verify the quality and comparability of surveillance data reported at European level. The EQA should provide important information on performance and comparability of the reported test results between participating laboratories and countries. This EQA also has the objective to ensure a high quality of the EU/EEA laboratory capabilities to diagnose, characterise, test for antiviral susceptibility and type influenza viruses.
Lot 2
Wet lab and online training courses
To provide training to the network to enhance the quality and performance of influenza surveillance in EU/EEA. The topic and content of the training should be mainly based on the needs of the network members and could be related to the EQA results.
Lot 3
Mortality monitoring
Mortality is a basic indicator for the assessment of the impact of influenza epidemics in the general population and an understanding of its epidemiology is fundamental for effective public health planning and action. The most widely accepted and utilised methodology for estimating influenza mortality is to model this from time-series data of all-cause mortality. Vital statistics are accessible for all European countries, but might not be accessible timely. The variation of mortality rates within a population over time can be ascribed to different factors as extreme weather conditions as well as waves of respiratory diseases as seen during the seasonal influenza epidemic. The monitoring of all-cause mortality provides valuable information on the general population and specific age groups not targeted by disease-specific surveillance systems.
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2016/S 120-212882
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24/06/2016 00:00