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Multiple framework contract for the support to structural reforms in EU Member S...
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Structural Reform Support Service
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Multiple framework contract for the support to structural reforms in EU Member States.
The Union has identified the implementation of structural reforms as being among its policy priorities to set the recovery on a sustainable path, unlock the growth potential to strengthen the adjustment capacity, and support the process of convergence. To help EU Member States effectively design and implement such reforms, the Commission set up the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) in July 2015. The SRSS coordinates and provides specialised technical support to EU Member States on request. Against this background, the subject of the framework contract is the provision of services to the Commission and, in particular, the SRSS to support the design and implementation of institutional, administrative and growth-sustaining structural reforms in EU Member States. The support will be funded by the structural reform support programme (SRSP) (Regulation (EU) 2017/825 of the European Parliament and of the Council — Official Journal of 19.5.2017).
Open procedure
02/06/2017 00:00
28/07/2017 17:00
08/08/2017 10:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1 Support for the development and implementation of reforms The types of services provided under this framework contract may cover support for reform in any reform policy area related to cohesion, competitiveness, productivity, innovation, smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth, jobs and investment, as presented in the programme.
Lot 2 Change management strategy and implementation thereof The contractor will support the development of change management strategies for the implementation of structural reforms. In particular, the objective will be to support the beneficiaries in communicating on given reforms with key stakeholders, with the objective to enhance buy-in and ownership of the reforms.
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2017/S 105-209038 Contract notice 02/06/2017 00:00