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Provision of reception staff and guide services for the European Parliament in S...
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Provision of reception staff and guide services for the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
The European Parliament, Directorate-General for Communication, is launching this invitation to tender for the provision of reception staff and guide services in order to welcome and accompany individual visitors or groups thereof in the different European Parliament buildings in Strasbourg.
Open procedure
25/07/2017 00:00
28/09/2017 12:00
10/10/2017 10:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1
Provision of reception staff and secretarial services for the Parlamentarium in Strasbourg
For lot 1: the inauguration of the new Parlamentarium in Strasbourg will make the proposed visits more appealing and significantly increase visitor numbers. Under this invitation to tender, the European Parliament's Information Office in Strasbourg is looking for a contractor who will be responsible for hiring reception staff and a secretary: — 2 permanent staff members, which may be as many as 5 reception staff depending on the registered visitor schedule, — and 1 secretary particularly responsible for managing the visit schedule.
Lot 2
Provision of reception staff/guide and receptionist services for the 'European Union Visitors Programme' and 'Visits and Seminars' visit programmes at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
Lot 2 covers requirements in terms of services of reception staff, receptionists and guides as part of the 2 visit programmes below: 1. 'European Union Visitors Programme' (EUVP); 2. 'Visits and Seminars' of the European Parliament (VISSEM). The contractor will be called upon to provide the European Parliament's EUVP and VISSEM units with reception staff, receptionists and guides to manage visiting groups during the parliamentary session weeks in Strasbourg. For EUVP, the contractor will provide guides/reception staff to manage the different individual study visit programmes of high-level officials from outside the EU, guide them at their numerous meetings, as well as show and explain to them how to access and use the different services. For VISSEM, the contractor will be required to provide reception staff to accompany VISSEM individual visitors and participants of groups of visitors in the European Parliament's Louise Weiss (LOW) Building in Strasbourg. The staff may be required to manage a considerable number of groups (up to 80 during very busy sessions).
Reference Notice type Publication date
2017/S 140-286836
Contract notice
25/07/2017 00:00