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Intercommunication system, measurement and monitoring equipment for broadcast ap...
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Intercommunication system, measurement and monitoring equipment for broadcast application.
The Audiovisual Unit of the European Parliament is planning to award a public contract for the supply and installation of intercommunication system, measurement and monitoring equipment for broadcast application and related services in Strasbourg and Brussels. There are 2 separate lots: — lot 1: intercommunication equipment, — lot 2: measurement and monitoring equipment. The audiovisual service would like to renew its audiovisual facilities in Strasbourg and Brussels to achieve the following objectives: — to replace the 17 years old infrastructure in Strasbourg by new technology, — to anticipate technical and operational evolution in the EP buildings in Brussels, — to enable the production of high-definition television signals, — to enable the IP transition for broadcast application, — to meet with the growing needs of media professionals, — to acquire centralised equipment like intercommunication, measurement equipment, monitoring devices on both sites.
Open procedure
22/08/2017 00:00
09/10/2017 12:00
17/10/2017 10:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1
Intercommunication system
The purpose of this lot is the supply of an intercommunication system and a new audio transport. The European Parliament is looking to renew its audio infrastructure, and to acquire if possible an intercom on a unified transport network enabled to transport broadcast quality audio signals as well. The European Parliament plans to develop its intercom architecture in 3 phases: — the first phase shall see the deployment of standard intercom system comprised of intercom matrices and panels in Strasbourg, — the second phase shall add interconnection and a new intercom infrastructure to the Brussels site, — the third phase shall see a migration from the standard intercom system to a full IP system using AES67 standard for transport and possibly SMPTE 2110 compatibility.
Lot 2
Measurement and monitoring equipment
The objective of this lot is to acquire audiovisual measurement and monitoring equipment for broadcast application to: — measure the quality and validity of high-definition video digital signals, audio digital signals and IP streams, — generate synchronisation signals for broadcast facilities, — display signals on broadcast professional and consumers monitors.
Reference Notice type Publication date
2017/S 159-328158
Contract notice
22/08/2017 00:00