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Supply of handling equipment and associated services.
Contracting authority:
European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB)
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Time limit for receipt of tenders:
Supply of handling equipment and associated services.
The aim is to set up a contract for: — supply, as replacements and new equipment, of handling equipment to meet the needs of the Commission and the Parliament in very diverse working environments, in the buildings that both institutions occupy in the Brussels Region and the surrounding area, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, — transport, testing, commissioning and training services, — removal of used handling equipment for recycling, — after-sales service during the warranty period, — repair and preventive maintenance services on an hourly basis.
Open procedure
Framework agreement
Conditions for participation
— the tenderer shall enclose with his tender all the documents and information required in point III.1 'Conditions for participation' of this notice and listed in Annex I 'Checklist of documents to be completed and provided' to the specifications, — the tenderer shall particularly enclose a duly signed and dated solemn declaration stating that he is not in any of the situations which would exclude him from participating in a contract awarded by the European Union. The solemn declaration must take the form of the template published on the following page, in its entirety: NB: the successful tenderer must, on pain of exclusion, provide the following documentary evidence in support of the solemn declaration prior to signature of the contract. NB: if groupings are awarded the contract, they must provide the solemn declaration along with the supporting documents and information for each individual member.
— copy of the financial statements (balance sheets and profit and loss accounts) for the past 3 financial years, showing the annual pre-tax profit. If, for a valid reason, the tenderer is unable to provide them, he must enclose a statement as to annual pre-tax profits for the past 3 years. If the financial statements or the declaration show an average loss over the past 3 years, the tenderer must provide another document as proof of his financial and economic capacity, such as the appropriate guarantee from a third party (e.g. the parent company), statements from auditors, chartered accountants or equivalent, — statement as to specific annual turnover during the past 3 financial years related to this contract.
to be selected, the tenderer must provide proof of an average specific annual turnover for the past 3 financial years of 200 000 EUR.
the tenderer must provide 5 examples of supplying handling equipment over the past 3 years.
to be selected, the tenderer must provide proof of a minimum value of 5 000 EUR for each delivery.
08/11/2017 00:00
21/12/2017 15:00
11/01/2018 10:00
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2017/S 214-444042
Contract notice
08/11/2017 00:00