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Preventive and curative maintenance services for catering equipment
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European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB)
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Preventive and curative maintenance services for catering equipment
Preventive and curative maintenance services for catering, kitchen, cafeteria and laundry equipment and related services for collective and formal catering facilities. These services include, among others: — replacement of spare parts and consumables necessary for the provision of the above services, — recovery, transport and disposal or recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from refrigeration installations, — removal of existing used kitchen equipment for recycling, — the provision of a CMMS-type maintenance activity management tool.
Open procedure
Framework agreement
Conditions for participation
The tenderer must enclose with its tender all the documents and information required in point III.1 'Conditions for participation' of this notice and listed in Annex I 'Checklist of documents to be completed and provided' to the tender specifications. The tenderer must in particular enclose a duly signed and dated solemn declaration stating that it is not in any of the situations which would exclude it from participating in a contract awarded by the European Union. The solemn declaration must take the form of the template published on the following page, in its entirety: NB: the successful tenderer must, on pain of exclusion, provide the following documentary evidence in support of the solemn declaration prior to signing of the contract. NB: if groupings are awarded the contract, they must provide the solemn declaration along with the supporting documents and information for each individual member.
The tenderer must provide: — copy of the financial statements (balance sheets and profit and loss accounts) for the last 3 financial years, showing the annual pre-tax profit. If, for a valid reason, the tenderer is unable to provide these, it must enclose a statement as to annual pre-tax profits for the past 3 years. If the financial statements or the declaration show an average loss over the past 3 years, the tenderer must provide another document as proof of its financial and economic capacity, such as the appropriate guarantee from a third party (e.g. the parent company), statements from auditors, professional accountants or equivalent. — statement as to overall annual turnover during the past 3 financial years.
To be selected, the tenderer must have achieved an average annual turnover over the last 3 financial years of at least 1 800 000 EUR.
The tenderer must provide: 1) a summary list of a maximum of 10 contracts completed or in progress during the last 3 years, relating to the subject of the contract. This list must state the name of the public or private beneficiary, the list of services, the place or places of execution and the sectors (hospital, industrial, etc.), the amount per contract as well as the completion period. 2) proof that it can have at least one dispatcher and 9 technicians available. To this end it will provide the CV's of 9 technicians and a dispatcher demonstrating their level of qualification and professional experience. The commission reserves the right to request, during the execution, certified copies of their qualifications as well as the corresponding work certificates.
To be selected, the tenderer will have to prove that these contracts cover a cumulative minimum amount of 500 000 EUR. — the dispatcher must have at least 3 years' experience in dispatching interventions in the maintenance and repair of catering, kitchen, cafeteria and laundry equipment, or in a similar field, — the 9 technicians must have at least 2 years’ experience in electromechanics in the market field and hold the basic certifications: VCA, BA4 and BA5. Among those 9 technicians: —— 4 specialised refrigeration technicians holding a category 1 certificate in refrigeration technology, —— 1 technician must have a minimum of 2 years experience in curative and preventive maintenance of descending spiral pallet conveyors.
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