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Impact Assessments, Evaluations, foresight and Strategic Analyses of Research an...
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European Commission, DG Research and Innovation (RTD)
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Impact Assessments, Evaluations, foresight and Strategic Analyses of Research and Innovation policies and programmes. Framework contract divided in 3 lots
The objective of these Framework Contracts is to ensure that the CA would be able to acquire the external services necessary to effectively, efficiently and coherently plan and implement its programmes and policies in the fields of research and innovation.
Open procedure
02/06/2018 00:00
07/09/2018 00:00
14/09/2018 10:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1 Foresight on Demand in Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Policy (FOD) The CA will set-up a “Foresight-On-Demand” (FOD) mechanism under this Lot to respond to the demand for quick inputs to policy-making, drawn on the best available foresight knowledge. FOD is aimed at offering Commission services with timely and effective support related to crisis situations, emerging risks, and policy challenges. The FOD services will include: — Scanning and synthesis of foresight literature and data sources including horizon scanning, — Rapid foresight data collection and analysis, — Scenario building, — Combinations of the above actions.
Lot 2 Lot 2: Exploring, Documenting and Analysing R&I policy issues (EDAR) The tasks covered by this lot consist of collecting and analysing evidence, producing analytical reports and policy briefs and preparing workshops to explore issues related to research and innovation policy and to its interactions with other policies. The aim is to support the further development of EU R&I policy towards Open Science, Open Innovation and Openness to the world.
Lot 3 Lot 3: Studying, assessing and evaluating research and innovation programmes and policies (SARI) This lot intends to provide a facility through which the European Commission can obtain services such as analytical studies, evaluations, fitness checks and impact assessments of programmes and policies in the field of research and innovation (R&I) and their related framework conditions at national and EU level to support R&I policy-making.
Reference Notice type Publication date
2018/S 129-293206 Corrigendum 07/07/2018 00:00
2018/S 104-236703 Contract notice 02/06/2018 00:00