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La date limite de réception des offres est postposée au 09/07/2018 à 17h00. La date d'ouverture des offres est postposée au 10/07/2018 à 10:00
Parcels and publications transport services from Brussels to the rest of the wor...
Contracting authority:
European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB)
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Parcels and publications transport services from Brussels to the rest of the world and vice versa
The services cover the handling, transport and delivery to recipients of various shipments (publications and other items in the form of parcels, pallets, boxes and other packaging), insurance, formalities and subsequent administrative and customs costs, as well as specific cases of packaging related to the legislation of the recipient countries. In the majority of cases, shipments will be prepared on film-wrapped pallets. Shipments from Brussels will be made from the building occupied by the central mail services of the commission, to be dispatched to 4 destination zones: zone 1 (EU and EFTA), zone 2 (other European countries), zone 3 (countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement- NAFTA) and zone 4 (rest of the world).
Open procedure
Framework agreement
Conditions for participation
The tenderer must enclose with its tender all the documents and information required in point III.1 'Conditions for participation' of this notice and listed in Annex I 'Checklist of documents to be completed and provided' to the tender specifications. The tenderer must in particular enclose a duly signed and dated solemn declaration stating that it is not in any of the situations which would exclude it from participating in a contract awarded by the European Union. The solemn declaration must take the form of the template published on the following page, in its entirety: NB: the successful tenderer must, on pain of exclusion, provide the following documentary evidence in support of the solemn declaration prior to signing of the contract. NB: if groupings are awarded the contract, they must provide the solemn declaration along with the supporting documents and information for each individual member.
The tenderer must provide: — copy of the financial statements (balance sheets and profit and loss accounts) for the last 3 financial years, showing the annual pre-tax results. If, for a valid reason, the tenderer is unable to provide these, it must enclose a statement as to annual pre-tax results for the past 3 years. If the financial statements or the declaration show an average loss over the past 3 years, the tenderer must provide another document as proof of its financial and economic capacity, such as the appropriate guarantee from a third party (e.g. a parent company), statements from auditors, professional accountants or equivalent, — statement as to overall annual turnover during the past 3 financial years.
To be selected, the tenderer must provide proof of an average annual turnover for the past 3 financial years of EUR 200 000.
The tenderer must provide: — a list of the main services performed over the past 3 years in the field concerned with a brief description of the volume of services provided and an indication of the amounts, dates and the names of the recipients of the shipments. For quality management: The tenderer must prove the existence of an organisation based on a quality assurance system that meets at least the requirements of ISO 9001 standard: — either by providing a copy of the ISO 9001 certificate specifying the area covered and the accredited body that issued the certificate, — or by providing a copy of any other equivalent reference that may be subject, following a third-party audit, to a recognition such as certification, authorisation or accreditation, — or by providing documentation of the quality management system implemented by the tenderer, with a written commitment signed by the person authorised to commit the tenderer; this documentation must include at least: —— the quality policy and the 'quality' objectives, —— a documentary system (control of internal and external documents, control of recordings, control of non-conformities, preventive actions, corrective actions and internal audits), —— mapping and definition of the processes to be applied, —— a verification system (internal audit, etc.), —— a system of analysis of the results (management review, complaints, surveys, satisfaction, indicators, etc.). For environmental management: The tenderer must provide an ISO 14001, EMAS or equivalent certification in the field of transport and resource/logistics. The equivalent would be an environmental management plan written and validated by management (e.g. the board of directors) listing the critical activities, the means (or policy) implemented, the planned improvements, and any other information about the results.
The tenderer must justify a minimum of 2 000 shipments per year spread over at least 15 European countries.
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