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Provision of catering services and associated venue services for Eurojust.
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Provision of catering services and associated venue services for Eurojust.
The scope of this procurement procedure is the provision of catering (banqueting) services and associated venue services for Eurojust.In order to ensure the fulfilment of its assigned core business tasks, Eurojust foresees organising several strategic seminars and meetings in the next 4 years (around 24 meetings in total) and these meetings are planned to be held in The Hague, outside of the premises of Eurojust. Therefore, Eurojust wants to engage external caterers, who are also able to manage conference venues in The Hague. In short, a one-stop shop which will provide timely and price-competitive offers on the selected venue(s) and the banqueting thereof. To achieve the abovementioned goal Eurojust needs to carry out this procurement procedure, so that preparations for the aforementioned seminars and any other meeting held in The Hague and outside of the premises of Eurojust can be planned in advance.Furthermore, Eurojust might be in the position, in the future, of needing internal catering, as part of the transitory period leading to the move to the final premises of Eurojust. Therefore, this tender also applies to additional services rendered for internal banqueting and the internal staff restaurant. However, Eurojust wants to draw the attention to the fact that these services are limited to the current premises of Eurojust.
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