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Framework contract for services in the field of analysis, assessment and policy ...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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Framework contract for services in the field of analysis, assessment and policy development in relation to climate-forcing impacts of light-duty road vehicles.
Regulation (EC) No 443/2009 (CO2 from cars) sets out a short-term target of 130 g CO2/km to be achieved by manufacturers of passenger cars by 2015 with a phase-in beginning in 2012. A long-term target of 95 g CO2/km has been specified for 2020. Regulation (EU) No 510/2011 (CO2 from vans) sets out a target of 175 g CO2/km to be achieved by manufacturers of vans by 2017. A long-term target of 147 g CO2/km has been specified for 2020.A number of subsequent implementing measures have been adopted to enact various elements of these Regulations.Article 13(5) of Regulation (EC) No 443/2009 requires that the specific emissions targets and the derogations for low volume and niche manufacturers shall be reviewed with the aim of defining:— the modalities for reaching, by the year 2020, a long-term target of 95 g CO2/km in a cost-effective manner, and— the aspects of the implementation of that target, including the excess emissions premium.In parallel, Article 13(1) of Regulation (EU) No 510/2011 establishes similar requirements and requires the achievability of the target to be confirmed.The Commission is currently carrying out reviews of Regulations (EC) No 443/2009 (CO2 in cars) and (EU) 510/2011 (CO2 from vans) which should be completed by the end of 2012. There may be a need for ad hoc support with respect to the adoption procedure in the European Parliament and Council. Further support might be needed in relation to any implementation or monitoring that is or might be required. Requirements could also arise in relation to further policy development. Examples could include any subsequent reviews of the legislation, the need to address any possible interaction between the van legislation and any future strategy on heavy-duty vehicles or possible future action relating to powered two-wheelers or quadricycles.This body of legislation and policies is expected to be periodically reviewed to take account of the evolving scientific information. In addition, EU policies must also undergo continuous assessment to evaluate their effectiveness and correct implementation, particularly with respect to attainment of the EU's objectives with respect to climate change. The successful tenderers will be expected to provide services in connection with the following:(1) analytical support in relation to climate-forcing emissions from vehicles and the energy life cycle, principally CO2;(2) analysis of specific aspects of current EU road vehicle CO2 legislation and its implementing measures and aspects that might be subject to change; (3) technologies, costs, benefits, cost effectiveness, supply constraints, price premia, other economic impacts and other implications of measures to reduce climate-forcing emissions from vehicles;(4) insight on past vehicle market changes as regards evolution in vehicle segments, equipment provided, cost, technical aspects, manufacturers' offer, consumer preferences, impact on climate-forcing emissions; (5) analysis and assessment relating to likely future changes in technical aspects, market trends, developments in consumer demand and manufacturer offer; (6) support on policy development for emissions and energy labelling of vehicles at point of sale and the implementation of relevant EU legislation;(7) advice on issues related to the emissions of conventional air pollutants from vehicles and their interaction with climate-forcing emissions;(8) technical and legal advice on issues relating to vehicle type approval procedures;(9) ad hoc information and advice on other aspects of motor vehicle markets, technology and environmental impacts;(10) global trade and competitiveness implications of EU vehicle standards to reduce climate-forcing emissions.
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