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Advisory Services in the field of Facilities Management (FM) and Real Estate (RE...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Advisory Services in the field of Facilities Management (FM) and Real Estate (RE)
The aim of this call for tenders is to procure facilities management-expert and real estate-expert external advisory and consultancy services; the advisory and consultancy contracts resulting from this call for tender with external providers should aim at making sure that the buildings management office division (BMO) provides its support in the most efficient manner and brings added value to the facilities services delivered by the building and logistics department (BLD) as a whole.In other words, the consultancy and advisory contracts included in this procurement procedure will assist BMO in meeting its mission goals and improve BLD’s performance as an ‘internal FM services provider’ within the EIB.
Open procedure
One or more lot
Framework agreement
Conditions for participation
Requirement (each lot):— the tenderer must prove that they are registered to pursue the professional activity under national law.Proof of the above (for each Lot) is to be provided by:— a certificate of registration in the relevant trade or professional registers in the country of establishment/incorporation. If the tenderer is not required or allowed to register in such a register for reasons related to its statute or legal status, EIB shall accept, as satisfactory evidence, a sworn declaration or certificate, membership of a specific organisation, express authorisation, or entry in the VAT register.
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
18/10/2019 00:00
10/12/2019 15:00
11/12/2019 15:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1
FM Approach and Strategy
The provision of facility services at the EIB is heavily outsourced at the operational level whilst management strategic decision-making and design remains in-house. This lot covers advisory and consultancy services supporting BMO Division aiming to ensure strategic alignment between EIB’s primary/core banking activities and the facility services.These services will be provided by taking into due account the missions and goals of the EIB as a whole. The EIB is the EU’s bank/MLI (Multilateral Lending Institution) based in Luxembourg; all EU Member States become shareholders upon accession to the EU (EIB is the only bank owned by and representing the interests of the European Union Member States).The delivery of the services under this lot requires the service provider to be abreast of EIB’s primary activities (thus, the overall context of e.g. the European Union and of the other international financial institutions as a whole is of paramount importance) and also of FM best practices, being ready to identify the necessary links between the strategy in the core activities and in the one in the support activities/facilities services (e.g. propose strategical alignments).
Lot 2
Facility Services Procurement Consultancy Services
The delivery of facility services at EIB has an important outsourced component. The overall purpose of this lot is to ensure the EIB gets the maximum value for money through the procurement process in complying with EU procurement procedures and EIB’s internal rules (procurement at the EIB is done in accordance with the EIB’s corporate and technical assistance procurement guide, which is largely based on Directive 2014/24/EU).This lot covers consultancy services aiming to support BMO Division along the whole procurement process:— from the definition of the acquisition approach (e.g. lots breakdown, scope, term, maximum price),— to the drafting of the specific requirements for each particular procurement process (leading to the set-up of sound service level agreements (SLAs) and of the corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) allowing for monitoring the facility service delivery),— specific support needed for procedures involving competitive negotiations or dialogue with candidates and tenderers,— up until a contract’s signature.Moreover, Lot 2 will be tasked with providing quality advice on whether facility services cover all business needs following FM strategy and are delivered according to best practices, run benchmarking exercises upon request, and provide the necessary insight to facilitate unfolding and detailing the tactical level, in order to ensure that any strategic decision or change is actionable at the operational level.
Lot 3
Facility Services Delivery and Transversal Issues, Consultancy and Support Services
This lot covers support to BMO Division mainly during the execution/performance phase of the contracts and globally during the delivery of services to end-users and aims at ensuring that the actual provision of facility services reaches the required effectiveness and efficiency — regardless of it being delivered in-house or outsourced. In this context, stages like planning, monitoring and control must be fully covered by this lot.This lot covers also covers other transversal services across BLD, providing support to BMO Division within broad horizontal policies such as the framework of quality and environmental assurance systems (definition, implementation, audit, control, and continuous improvement). This lot also encompasses reporting and document management.
Lot 4
Real Estate Consultancy and Support Services
The EIB requires to carry out specific missions to support the EIB with the management of its real-estate portfolio; each mission or assignment needs to take into account the specific needs of the EIB as well as country factors and the market environment; assignments under this lot include:(a) real estate portfolio management and advisory services;(b) transaction management services (standard services);(c) project management, space planning and management.
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2019/S 202-490017
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18/10/2019 00:00