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Provision of language training services.
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Provision of language training services.
This call for tender is interinstitutional. In addition to Eurojust, the resulting contracts will, where applicable, also apply to Europol.With this tender, Eurojust and Europol intend to:— help staff members to meet the required level of knowledge of a 3rd language,— help post holders develop and improve language skills for working purposes,— assess the language skills of selection candidates.Eurojust and Europol need to set up language training services to meet the general activities and objectives of the organisations and comply with the administrative requirements for reclassification and recruitment within the EU.This tender is divided into 8 individual lots that reflect the language needs for the upcoming 4 years.Tenderers applying for a language lot (lots 1–7) must be able to provide: general and intensive language courses for groups and/or individuals at all CEFRL levels; standard courses aiming at receiving specific globally recognised diplomas; specialised courses/language courses of specific nature (i.e. legal, business, etc.) as well as placement tests to determine the level of each participant.The delivered courses within each language lots shall match the levels as described in the CEFRL and develop the 4 competencies: listening, reading, speaking and writing.Tenderers applying for assessment tests (lot 8) must design, develop and run language assessments in all of the 24 official EU languages. Both oral and written knowledge are to be tested at the required level. The methods of assessment should be home-based (telephone interview or a computer-based test that the candidate can do from home).
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22/07/2014 00:00
03/09/2014 14:00
25/08/2014 23:59
28/08/2014 00:00
03/09/2014 14:00
10/09/2014 00:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1 Dutch language Lot 1 — Dutch language training services.
Lot 2 French language Lot 2 — French language training services.
Lot 3 English language Lot 3 — English language training services.
Lot 4 Italian language Lot 4 — Italian language training services.
Lot 5 Spanish language Lot 5 — Spanish language training services.
Lot 6 German language Lot 6 — German language training services.
Lot 7 Other official languages of the European Union Lot 7 — language training services for other official languages of the European Union.
Lot 8 Assessment tests Lot 8 — language assessment tests in all of the 24 official EU languages.
Reference Notice type Publication date
2014/S 138-246767 Contract notice 22/07/2014 00:00