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Financial and Compliance Audit of European Political Parties and Political Found...
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European Parliament, DG Finance
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EP/FINS 2020-101
Financial and Compliance Audit of European Political Parties and Political Foundations
Financial and compliance audit of European political parties and political foundations for 2020-2024.
Open procedure
Public contract
Best price-quality ratio
2,000,000.00 EUR
QB57 / JA18
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Conditions for participation
Point 15.1 of the tender specifications — legal and regulatory capacity.The tenderer is required to be registered as auditor and hold an authorisation proving that it is authorised to perform the contract in its country of establishment or be a member of a specific professional organisation.In the case of groups of economic operators, each member will furnish proof of authorisation to perform the contract.
Point 15.2 of the tender specifications — financial and economic capacity.In respect of the framework contract which is the subject of this invitation to tender, the European Parliament furthermore requires tenderers to have a minimum financial and economic capacity, which will be assessed on the basis of the following information:— minimum annual turnover of EUR 800 000;— operating profit over the last 2 financial years;— positive working capital over the last 2 financial years;— information on the annual accounts showing ratios between assets and liability;— minimum level of professional risk indemnity insurance sufficient to cover the risk of the audits performed under the framework contract.
Point 15.3 of the technical specifications — technical and professional capacity.In respect of the framework contract which is the subject of this invitation to tender the European Parliament requires tenderers to have the following technical and professional capacity:— tenderer has the technical and professional capacity, to carry out the requested services in the place where the accounts of the parties/foundations are located in accordance with the international standards on auditing and both the applicable national rules and regulations and international accounting standards defined in Article 2 of Regulation (EC) No 1606/2002;— tenderer has experience in the requested services as evidenced by the qualifications, both educational and professional, of the tenderer's managerial staff and those of the persons responsible for carrying out the service. Tenderer (himself or by subcontracting) is able to carry out the services in the language of the accounts to be audited. The assigned personnel has knowledge of such languages and the knowledge of the rules and regulations applicable to accounting in the respective EU Member State;— tenderer is able to report in English or French and provide any information in one of these languages;— tenderer guarantees independent opinion on the accounts and operations of a party or a foundation.The successful tenderer must not have any contractual relationship for any of the parties/foundations for the duration of the framework contract with the European Parliament. If a tenderer currently has such a contractual relationship with one of the entities, he needs to disclose it and if his tender under the present procedure is successful, he will end that contractual relationship as a condition precedent for appointment as auditor. It would be accepted that, for the ongoing year 2020 only, he could complete his assignment as an accountant of the party/foundation but must provide evidence that there is a separation between the tenderer's accounting department and auditing department and that no conflict of interest between the accounting and auditing activity will occur. Annex 10 must be completed and included with the tender.
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2020/S 168-406185
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