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Banking and Financial Skills Training Services
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Banking and Financial Skills Training Services
The objective of this Call for Tenders is to sign multiple framework agreements for the provision of banking and financial training services to EIB Group staff members.The requested services are divided into 4 lots. The lots of this call for tenders represent main areas (thematic families) of the general banking and financial topics. Within these lots, a number of banking and finance fields are identified for which training courses are to be organised. Banking and financial skills courses could be requested to be delivered by the selected providers in classroom, webinar (or both classroom and webinar using a blended approach) or e-learning.This call for tenders aims at acquiring various training services for EIB Group staff through the following:• design and/or development and adaptation to EIB Group needs of training courses, tool and materials,• provision of training courses, tools and materials.
Open procedure
One or more lot
Framework agreement
980000.00 EUR
Conditions for participation
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
28/05/2021 00:00
19/07/2021 15:00
20/07/2021 15:00
Lot number Title Description
Lot 1
General Economic, Banking and Finance Courses
Services provided under this lot shall cover awareness courses on accounting, statistics, macro-economy, banking fundamentals and related matters.
Lot 2
Financial Markets and Products Courses
Services provided under this lot shall cover courses on financial markets participants, products and recent developments, e.g. theme bonds, in particular fixed income, treasury (both short term money market instruments and basic derivatives such as IRS and cross currency swaps, basic FX products), and relative matters from front office, back-office and risk management view, including as well regulatory and accounting considerations.
Lot 3
Derivatives, Treasury, Portfolio Management, Collateral, ALM and Pricing Courses
Services provided under this lot shall cover courses on following key topics including covering latest market developments (such as for e.g. Libor reform) and regulatory/best banking practices:(i) principles of asset and Liabilities Management and market risks with a particular focus on Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book, and Foreign Exchange Risk;(ii) Derivatives products with focus on interest rate swaps and other interest rate and currency derivatives (description, usage, accounting, regulatory aspects, some notion of pricing, principles of mark-to-market evaluation), master netting and collateral agreements, counterparty credit risk management, valuation adjustments;(iii) Treasury products such as Repos, FX Swaps and Bonds;(iv) Liquidity Risk such as ILAAP, Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics (ALMM) and Intraday Liquidity Risk;(v) collateral management;(vi) Basel III Financial ratios (LCR and NSFR);(vii) portfolio management: ESG investing;(viii) portfolio management: factor investing, relative value strategies, portfolio construction and asset allocation;(ix) loan pricing;(x) interest rate modelling: Multicurve framework;(xi) programming for finance: Python, library package set-up, API based IT architecture.
Lot 4
Legal Documentation
Services provided under this lot shall cover courses:(a) on the documentation:(i) relating to derivatives (OTC or listed), repo, securities lending, cash equity, deposits, money market instruments, bonds (including, but not limited to theme bonds), any treasury instrument and other related matters; and(ii) of a generic nature such as terms of business and general terms and conditions,(b) on any adaptations in line with market developments to such documentation (e.g. adaptations relating to benchmarks).
Reference Notice type Publication date
2021/S 102-265744
Contract notice
28/05/2021 00:00