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Production and supply of an originally designed 1 MN hydrodynamic vertical actua...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Production and supply of an originally designed 1 MN hydrodynamic vertical actuator for pseudo-dynamic testing exposed to shear force larger than 1 MN.
The European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA) performs vulnerability assessments of buildings and civil infrastructures for risk mitigation. The main facility of ELSA is a reaction wall that tests structures at full- or nearly full-scale to assess their behaviour when exposed to earthquakes or other cyclic loads.Currently the structures are exclusively subjected to lateral earthquake loading and actuators can resist in shear at most 5 % of the axial force. There is a need of vertical actuators which are able to impose relative vertical/rotation motion, and at the same time bear the extreme shear resulting from the lateral earthquake loading.This call for tenders concerns the final design based on conceptual drawings provided by the JRC and the construction of a vertical actuator (bearing extreme shear resistant actuator ‘BERtuator’) to generate cyclic high vertical/rotation loads on civil structures which must resist a shear force of the amount of the axial force.The contract will include:1. the final design;2. the supply of the ‘BERtuator’;3. the corresponding as-built drawings; and4. 2-year guarantee.The ‘BERtuator’ is an assembly of 40 manufactured pieces (14 different components). The materials used must be traceable and possess material certificates or the supplier's declarations of conformity. The steel shall be thermally treated, machined and polished in order to undergo large cyclic radial forces corresponding to the servo-actuation force of 1,16 MN without accumulating any plastic strain.Particular attention should be paid to the following requirements:— the accurate geometry of the seal faces is essential to obtain a reliable pressure tight joint (H7/f7 tolerance). In addition, seal face surfaces must have a finishing roughness of grade number N4,— the external envelop of the ‘BERtuator’ must be protected against corrosion,— the shaft must have hard chrome plating,— the ‘BERtuator’ must be able to accommodate a shear force equal to or larger than the servo-actuation force.The contractor shall verify the proposed design of the ‘BERtuator’ versus regulations (including but not limited to Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC) and required performance and, if necessary, propose modifications and amendments to the design to meet regulations and required performance. All conformity tests must be documented and all results must be recorded. Compliance shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor.The supply shall be subject of factory pressure and displacement testing and final testing on site before acceptance.The JRC shall keep all intellectual property rights on the design or any possible claim generated in the execution of the contract of the ‘BERtuator’. All final drawings, including notes, modifications, and any other information used to design and manufacture the equipment shall be handed over on supply and shall be the sole property of the JRC.The provision of this material or the signature of the service procurement contract does not imply an assignment or granting of any intellectual property rights to the selected bidder.The initial drawings and technical annex will be made available during the second phase of the procedure after signature of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). These initial drawings may change depending on the findings of the contractor and are subject to the agreement of the JRC during the design phase.
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