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Study to support the preparation of an impact assessment on EU policy initiative...
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European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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Study to support the preparation of an impact assessment on EU policy initiatives on residence and identity documents to facilitate the exercise of the right of free movement.
The purpose of the study is to collect data and evidence, and to carry out an analysis with a view to preparing the impact assessment (IA) for 1 or more EU policy initiatives aimed at facilitating the effective enjoyment by EU citizens and their family members of their right to free movement as regards identity and residence documents.
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See tender specifications.
In the e-submission application, all documentary evidence for the selection criterion ‘Financial and economic capacity’ mentioned below needs to be uploaded in the section ‘Qualification’ -> ‘Selection criteria’ -> ‘Financial and economic capacity’ for each entity participating in the call.In order to prove their economic and financial capacity, the tenderers (i.e. in the case of a joint tender, the combined capacity of all members of the consortium and identified subcontractors) must show that their annual consolidated turnover exceeds 400 000 EUR (average for the past 3 years).The following evidence should be provided:— the completed ‘Simplified balance sheet’ and ‘Simplified profit & loss account’ completed for the last 3 years (Annex 2 must be completed),— a copy of the profit & loss account and balance sheet for the last 3 years for which accounts have been closed,— failing that, appropriate statements from banks,— if applicable, evidence of professional risk indemnity insurance.
See above.
Criteria relating to tenderers:Tenderers (in the case of a joint tender the combined capacity of all tenderers and identified subcontractors) must comply with the following criteria.The tenderers must provide proof of relevant and significant experience or otherwise demonstrate their ability to carry out the work of analysing all impacts of public policy at a national and European level, notably the social and economic in the following areas:— free movement of citizens in the EU,— identity, residence and travel documents,— document security,— administrative cooperation between Member States (existing networks and ongoing projects: internal market information system — IMI).In addition, the tenderer must demonstrate their:— capacity to draft reports in English,— experience of working in all EU countries with at least 3 projects, the combination of which must show the necessary coverage,— experience in survey techniques, data collection, statistical analyses and drafting reports and recommendations,— experience in assessing administrative burden for Member States, including in financial terms.Criteria relating to the team delivering the service:The team delivering the service should include, as a minimum, the following profiles:project manager: at least 6 years' experience in project management. The experience shall include overseeing project delivery, quality control of delivered service, client orientation and conflict resolution of a project of a similar size (at least 300 000 EUR) and coverage of at least 14 Member States and the management of a team of at least 6 people;experts in impact analysis, free movement within the EU, travel documents and security issues: relevant higher education degree or 4 years' professional experience in the relevant fields;team for data collection: the team members' proven experience of 2 years in data collection techniques. In addition collectively the team must have sufficient knowledge of EU languages such that they are able to collect information in all Member States.Language quality check: at least 2 members of the team must have native-level language skills in English.If several service providers/subcontractors are involved in the bid, they must jointly have the professional and technical capacity to perform the tasks assigned to them.Evidence:The following evidence should be provided to fulfil the above criteria:tenderers should provide with their offer detailed curriculum vitae of each staff member responsible for carrying out the work, including his or her educational background, degrees and diplomas, professional experience, research work, publications and linguistic skills. The CVs shall be presented, preferably, in accordance with the Commission Recommendation of 11.3.2002 on a common European format for curricula vitae (CVs), published in OJ L 79 of 22.3.2002, p. 66;a list of the principal services of the same type provided in the past 5 years, with the sums, dates and recipients, whether public or private, of the services provided, together with certificates issued or countersigned by public authorities or by private clients or, failing this, simply declared by the service provider to have been effected;the part of the contract which the service provider intends to subcontract.
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