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Purchase of high-quality recycled paper
Contracting authority:
European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO)
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Purchase of high-quality recycled paper
Supply and delivery of high-quality recycled paper in DIN A4 format, provision of the ordering tool and compensation of the CO2 generated by paper production. The total volume of the contract is estimated at 64 800 boxes of five reams of 500 sheets.
Open procedure
Framework agreement
Lowest price
FRF1 / LU0 / BE1
Additional CPV Supplementary CPV
Conditions for participation
The tenderer must be enrolled on the appropriate professional or trade register, except in the case of an international organisation.
— minimum turnover of EUR 600 000 in the field covered by the contract;— an appropriate level of professional risk insurance according to the practice in the sector concerned.
— financial statements (annual report) for the last two financial years for which accounts have been closed;— insurance policy and premium receipts.
— at least 3 years' experience in deliveries similar to those required under the contract in question;— an environmental certification (ISO 14001 standard) or equivalent.
— a list of the main deliveries of supplies carried out over the last three (3) years, indicating the amount, the date and the public or private recipient;— an environmental certification (ISO 14001 standard) or equivalent, i.e. all the means of proof making it possible to ensure the existence and monitoring of an environmental management process comparable in its effects to those of the ISO 14001 standard.
31/01/2022 00:00
28/02/2022 12:00
01/03/2022 10:30
Lots The call for tenders has no lots.
Reference Notice type Publication date
2022/S 021-050822
Contract notice
31/01/2022 00:00