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Ex-Ante publicity notice for a service contract for a study “Valid in silico mod...
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European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
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Ex-Ante publicity notice for a service contract for a study “Valid in silico modelling tools and read-across approaches, including creation of case studies on read-across for specific (types of) nanomaterials”
The European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) aims at improving the transparency of information on the safety and markets of nanomaterials. One of the main ways to achieve this objective is by running studies to address important knowledge gaps on nanomaterials. The use of read-across as well as in silico models and tools for the assessment of hazard properties of substances represents an important part of the toolkit available for safety assessment of chemicals in general. There exists a significant history and experience applying these tools to substances. Although various EU funded research projects have examined the potential use of such methods for nanomaterials, the history of the use of these approaches in a regulatory context for nanomaterials is limited, especially given the limited time since explicit requirements have been included for nanomaterials in regulations. The study proposes to examine the use of these tools for nanomaterials in general, but also to develop specific case studies to address individual nanomaterials, and to draw potential conclusions (for both regulators and industry/SMEs) on the use of these approaches for specific categories of nanomaterials, including for metals, metal oxides, organic nanomaterials. The study aims to conduct a systematic literature review and develop case studies on the use of in silico models as well as read-across approaches for nanomaterials. The study should use the REACH regulation as the regulatory framework for assessment of such approaches, but aim (where possible) to generalise to other regulatory frameworks within the EU that may address nanomaterials. The study results will be peer-reviewed as part of the set deliverables in the contract. Maximum estimated contract value 60 000 Euros.
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