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Study on current and good practices for the collection, maintenance and accessib...
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Study on current and good practices for the collection, maintenance and accessibility of domain name registration data (“WHOIS data”)
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The purpose of the present Call for Tender is to conduct a Study on domain name registration data (so-called “WHOIS data”), covering the most important steps in their “lifecycle” from the data collection to the disclosure.The importance of the DNS is recognised in the Directive on Security of Networks and Information Systems (“NIS1 Directive”) as well as in the revised NIS2 Directive. The same NIS2 Directive recognises the importance of maintaining accurate and complete databases of domain names registration data and providing lawful access to such data to ensure the security, stability and resilience of the DNS, which in turn contributes to a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union. The objective of this call for tender is to achieve a comprehensive picture of the landscape of current and forthcoming industry practices and technologies of registration that could support the implementation phase of the NIS2 Directive. Today, there is a variety of European and international practices concerning all phases of the establishment and maintenance of domain name registration databases (collection, maintenance, publication and disclosure of data) by TLD registries and registrars, and potentially practices in other digital industries can provide good models for DNS operators. The Study should gather in-depth knowledge of such practices. In particular, the Study should identify and analyse: -the most prevalent practices for the collection and maintenance of accurate and complete domain name registration data; -the practices for the verification of domain name registration data, including the use of innovative Know Your Customer (KYC) technologies, electronic Identity (eID), machine-learning technologies; -the practices for the publication and disclosure of domain name registration data; -emerging good practices for the collection, verification and disclosure of DNS data in terms of ensuring the maintenance of accurate and complete databases and practices that proved to be effective for the publication of domain name registration data and the timely disclosure of the data to legitimate access seekers. The Study should also explore whether there are practices that have proven to be effective against DNS abuse; -advanced practices on the collection and verification of online domain name registration data from other digital industries that could be relevant for the DNS industry. Estimated total maximum value (EUR)80.000 - Max contract duration: 7 months.
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