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Sensory testing of branded food products in Member States
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Geel (JRC-GEE)
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Sensory testing of branded food products in Member States
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The primary aim of the study is to obtain sound and objective evidence whether food products offered under the same brand in several Member States differ in their sensory properties. In case (a) difference(s) between the national variants of a given brand exist(s), the study shall try to group the national variants according to their level of similarity in to clusters and identify the nature of commonalities within a cluster and differences between the clusters. The contractor shall: • Organise receipt of the products on their premises and appropriate storage of them before testing; • Document all stages of the assessment; • Prepare the products for testing according to the instructions provided on the packaging of the products (e.g. warming, reconstitution with hot water, etc); • Cluster the national variants of a product offered under the same branding according to similarity using a trained sensory panel and describe the sensory attribute(s) responsible for the observed clustering. A single panel per product type shall be used to ensure comparability of results; • Evaluate the obtained results per tested product type to identify and describe the observed similarities within and differences between the clusters and visualise them to allow intuitive interpretation; • Summarise the outcome of all sensory analyses performed in a final report. The contractor shall carry out the sensory assessment of all products including reporting within 15 weeks after sample delivery.
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