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Mainstreaming of climate change into rural development policy post 2013.
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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Mainstreaming of climate change into rural development policy post 2013.
The primary objective of this study is to deliver technical guidance and guidelines for managing authorities in Member States, namely:— an inventory, listing and detailing characteristics of new and innovative types of operations (regionally differentiated adaptation and mitigation operations):o to fit under rural development measures, specifically prioritising and addressing climate objectives,o and demonstrating a contribution to the EU's 'green growth' priorities,— recommendations and examples on how to address climate change in other rural development instruments, such as the Leader instrument and cooperation measure (Article 36 of the Regulation),— examples of relevant combinations of measures for each focus areas of the Union's rural development properties that are related to climate change,— criteria for assessment how to measure relevant combinations of measures in view of their climate effects and contribution to progress towards green growth, in particular creation of jobs.A further objective of the contract is to assist the Commission in disseminating the study results by preparing outreach tools and supporting a workshop.
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