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Corrigendum: The time limit for receipt of tenders has been extended! The new deadline for submission of tenders is 26.08.2013. The opening for tenders has been changed accordingly and will take place on 02.09.2013 at 14:00. No other changes to the tender specifications were made. The corrigendum has been submitted and will become visible and downloadable once the corrigendum notice is published on TED. Then, the revised dates will also be indicated in the milestones section.
'European Cluster Observatory II'.
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs...
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'European Cluster Observatory II'.
The subject of the contract is the 'European Cluster Observatory II' to launch the second generation of the 'European Cluster Observatory' aimed at supporting efforts to promote the development of more world-class clusters in Europe, notably with a view to fostering competitiveness and entrepreneurship in emerging industries and facilitating SMEs' access to clusters and their internationalisation activities through clusters. The main task of the 'European Cluster Observatory' is to offer statistical analysis, mapping tools and policy advice towards the design of more evidence-based cluster policy in Europe. Specific aims to be met by 'European Cluster Observatory II' are: to publish a biannual European cluster panorama (statistical cluster mapping), to provide a European cluster trend analysis report, to develop a European stress test for cluster policy, to provide customised advice to selected model demonstrator regions, and to promote and raise awareness of the role that clusters and cluster policy can play.
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