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Framework contract for services related to the quality of fuels sold and used in...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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Framework contract for services related to the quality of fuels sold and used in the EU and beyond.
Framework contract for services related to the quality and life cycle greenhouse gas emission of liquid fuels sold and used in the European Union and beyond. Emissions from the combustion of transport fuels contribute to air pollution and adverse impacts on health, environment and climate. These were quantified in the thematic strategy on air pollution that was published in 2005 (COM(2005) 446) and in the roadmap to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050 (COM(2011) 112). The role of liquid fuels and their contribution to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions has been recognised in Community law which has stipulated minimum quality requirements and reduction targets for a range of different petroleum and bio-based fuels.A significant body of EU legislation exists in respect of fuel quality:(1) Directive 1998/70/EC as amended governs the quality of petrol and diesel sold in the EU. It covers a broad range of fuel quality parameters which affect emissions to air. In addition, the Directive regulates the sulphur content of fuels used by non-road mobile machinery and inland waterway vessels, agricultural and forestry tractors and recreational craft;(2) Directive 1999/32/EC as amended governs the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels including heavy fuel oil, gas oils (heating oils) and marine fuels such as residual fuel oil and marine distillates.In addition to the existing legislation there are a number of ongoing activities which may have implications for the quality and the greenhouse gas emissions of fuels sold and used in the EU: (1) the Council and the European Parliament have requested that the Commission submit a report and, if appropriate propose an amendment to Directive 98/70 on the impact of indirect land use change on greenhouse gas emissions of biofuels; (2) the Council and the European Parliament have requested that Directive 98/70 be reviewed in 2014 with a view to, inter alia, reviewing the greenhouse gas target; (3) the Commission has made a proposal to amend Directive 1999/32 (COM(2011) 439) in July 2011. The purpose of the lots in this call for tender is to provide services with the capacity to address needs related to European legislation regarding transport fuels. The work will involve technical and economic analyses as regards fuel quality including environmental and life cycle greenhouse gas emissions. The first and second lot address technical aspects of fossil and biofuels respectively, including the associated microeconomic aspects. The third lot will address macroeconomic aspects of fossil and biofuels.
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