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The tenderers are kindly requested to note the answers provided to the submitted questions, in particular Nos. 117 and 119 as well as 129-131.
Framework Contract for Fixed Price and Quoted Time and Means for Development, Co...
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European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CON...
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Invitation to Tender CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - English (en)
Invitation 10/06/2022
Tender Specifications - Administrative specifications - Corrigendum - English (en)
Tender specifications 27/06/2022
Tender Specifications - Technical specifications - CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - English (en)
Technical specifications 10/06/2022
Framework Contract CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - English (en)
Draft contract 10/06/2022
Financial Form CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - English (en)
Price schedule 10/06/2022
Annexes CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - Corrigendum - English (en)
Annexes 29/06/2022
Technical Evaluation Questionnaire CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - English (en)
Annexes 10/06/2022
Technical Evaluation Questionnaire .docx CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - English (en)
Annexes 10/06/2022
Requirements and Solution CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - English (en)
Annexes 10/06/2022
Profiles CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0011 - Corrigendum - English (en)
Annexes 27/06/2022