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Please note that the link to the e-Submission Quick Reference Guide for Economic Operators has been updated in the tender specifications to this link: NmrzLzd3LQIM4gDzzf8rWNKlfVes4f9gsBykGmamwWHY71LD2ITxrpPweD9katzoe2T5WtLTljcnqPniNu3150D- PHslUMVSXYCqJ6iB7Azunq0Q54Ps4zPAzq1e9waTRco0n0iFzgHvAGVA3zaLHJuKAB
Video/audio/maintenance services and acquisitions for meeting rooms
Contracting authority:
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
TED publication date:
Time limit for receipt of tenders:
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Tender specifications version 2 - English (en)
Technical specifications 01/02/2018
Annex 1_Financial offer - English (en)
Annexes 30/12/2017
Annex 3_draft contract - English (en)
Draft contract 30/12/2017
Annex 4_declaration exclusion criteria - English (en)
Annexes 30/12/2017
Annex 5_declaration selection criteria - English (en)
Annexes 30/12/2017
Annex 6_Administrative data form - English (en)
Annexes 30/12/2017
Annex 7_EFSA calendar of public holidays 2018 - English (en)
Annexes 30/12/2017
Annex 8_Manufacturers rooms overview - English (en)
Annexes 30/12/2017
Annex 9_Service Level Matrix - English (en)
Annexes 30/12/2017
Invitation to tender - English (en)
Invitation 30/12/2017