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Central Organisations and Locations Databases ICT Services 2019-2023
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Annex A.01 Tenderer's (Candidate's) Checklist - English (en)
Other 08/08/2019
Annex A.02 Statement of Subcontracting_Joint Offer - English (en)
Other 08/08/2019
Annex B.01 Invitation to tender - English (en)
Invitation 08/08/2019
Annex B.02 Tender Specifications - English (en)
Technical specifications 08/08/2019
Annex B.03 Appendix I e-submission guidelines - English (en)
Other 08/08/2019
Annex I.09 Framework contract (IT) - English (en)
Draft contract 08/08/2019
Annex I.10 General terms and conditions for information technolgy contracts - English (en)
Draft contract 08/08/2019
Annex I.55 FWC (IT) Annexes I - XVI - English (en)
Draft contract 08/08/2019
Annex I.56 FWC (IT) General terms and conditions Appendices A- B - English (en)
Draft contract 08/08/2019
Annex VII (FWC) Service Level Agreement - English (en)
Draft contract 08/08/2019