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HADEA/2021/OP/0010 - Service Contract to Identify Obstacles to Vaccination of Ph...
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Invitation letter - English (en)
Invitation 11/01/2022
Tender specifications - English (en)
Tender specifications 11/01/2022
Draft contract - English (en)
Draft contract 11/01/2022
Declaration on honour - English (en)
Declaration on honour 11/01/2022
Financial offer form - English (en)
Annexes 11/01/2022
Annex 3 Power of Attorney - English (en)
Annexes 18/01/2022
Annex 5.1. Commitment letter by an identified subcontractor - English (en)
Annexes 18/01/2022
Annex 5.2. Commitment letter by an entity on whose capacities is being relied - English (en)
Annexes 18/01/2022
Annex 5.3. Commitment letter by EU Member State authority - English (en)
Annexes 18/01/2022