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Please be kindly notified that the Contracting Authority draws attention to the fact that during the Opening session the relevant Committee will only assess the integrity of the tenders and their timely submission and it will not disclose the financial offers, as was wrongly stated in the Invitation to tender (Section 3.2 Opening of tenders) by clerical error, in line with the framework and rules applicable to the open procurement procedures.
Framework Contract for the Provision of Services in the Field of Information Sys...
Contracting authority:
European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO)
TED publication date:
Time limit for receipt of tenders:
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Invitation to tender - English (en)
Invitation 09/12/2021
Tender specifications - English (en)
Tender specifications 22/12/2021
Technical and contractual specifications - English (en)
Technical specifications 14/01/2022
Draft framework contract for services - English (en)
Draft contract 09/12/2021
List of annexes - English (en)
Other 09/12/2021
Annex 01 - Tenderer's administrative data form - English (en)
Annexes 09/12/2021
Annex 02 - Declaration on honour - English (en)
Declaration on honour 22/12/2021
Annex 03 - Power of attorney - English (en)
Annexes 09/12/2021
Annex 04 - List of identified subcontractors - English (en)
Annexes 09/12/2021
Annex 05 - Commitment letter by an identified subcontractor - English (en)
Annexes 09/12/2021