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Due to the phase-out of Java Browser Plugin technology on the most recent internet browsers you might encounter issues while submitting a tender with e-Submission as your local IT environment might not allow you to complete the workflow. The e-Submission team is working to solve permanently the problems. It is of high importance to TEST if e-Submission works in your IT environment and to submit your tender at least ONE DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE in order to avoid the risk of submitting it late.
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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Annexes - English (en)
Tillägg 04/05/2017
Draft contract - English (en)
Utkast för upphandling 04/05/2017
Invitation letter - English (en)
Inbjudan 04/05/2017
Tendering specifications - English (en)
Tekniska specifikationer 04/05/2017