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Please notice that a corrigendum has been brought to the tender specifications. For an overview regarding the update potential tenderers are invited to see the document "corrigendum to the ITT". Deadline for submission of tenders was extended by 19 of August 2013.
Framework contract for the operations and hosting services of the GNSS Service C...
Contracting authority:
European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs...
TED publication date:
Time limit for receipt of tenders:
The deadline to download documents of this call for tenders has been reached. The download of documents is not possible The deadline to download documents of this call for tenders has been reached. The download of documents is not possible
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Dear sir/madam, regarding time limit for receipt for the Framework Contract for the Operations and Hosting[...]
As written in the Invitation to tender page 1-2, - In case the tender is delivered by registered email[...]
As you probably know, company X is providing support to the GSA with Y engineers that are supporting [...]
In principle there is no incompatibility, as long as the engineers in question will only participate [...]
Please could you specify which is the document needed to support the authorization to the signatory, [...]
As stated in Section 2.7 of the tender specifications, for joint offers, "The offer has to be signed [...]
All operator positions in each operational room shall be equipped with at least: - 1 voice intercom terminal[...]
The precise details of the intercom system are to be defined by the Operations team, since they are the[...]
The HSP shall provide an Office LAN with standard e-mail functions and associated communication capacity[...]
The email service must be provided by a GSC dedicated email server. Due to the importance of the email[...]
Please confirm that: HSP has to provide a GPS antennae connection with the corresponding NTP Server. [...]
It is confirmed that the HSP shall provide the GPS antenna, the NTP server (with GPS receiver) and the[...]
In the technical specifications document 2.7 "Joint Offers" the indication is that " The offer has to[...]
We don't see any contradiction between the 2 statements mentioned by you. We can confirm that the power[...]
We have noticed that the PSS-A1 forms are requested, however, being the economical conditions for procurement[...]
Forms PSS A1, PSS A2 and PSS A8 are no longer required to be fill out by the tenderers. However, the [...]
Apart from the specific tasks in each Service Contract, there are several transversal activities, such[...]
As stated in section 1.7, the requirements applicable to all specific contracts are indeed applicable[...]
The level of Safety Criticality of the GSC is a driver for defining the safety plan to be implemented[...]
The applicable safety standards are defined in GAL-REQ-ESA-OILI-X-0002, as specified in section 6.10.2[...]