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Due to the phase-out of Java Browser Plugin technology on the most recent internet browsers you might encounter issues while submitting a tender with e-Submission as your local IT environment might not allow you to complete the workflow. The e-Submission team is working to solve permanently the problems. It is of high importance to TEST if e-Submission works in your IT environment and to submit your tender at least ONE DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE in order to avoid the risk of submitting it late.
Genomgång av den strategiska forskningsagendan avseende luftfartssystem (CapTech...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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The Time-line table indicates that tasks 1-7, as well as a 1st draft of the proposed SRA are to be presented [...]
Yes, Task 1-7 and the 1st draft of the proposed SRA are to be completed by T0+3. More specifically, as [...]
Will the EDA make available to the contractor its proprietary stock images/footage for the production [...]
No, it is the contractor that will have to provide non-proprietary stock images/footage for the production [...]