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An amended version of the tender specifications will be published with the following changes: 1.The first paragraph of point 2.1 has been almost completely deleted. The published draft service contract had already been updated in line with the changes to the Financial Regulation; 2.The date of entry into force and the expected date of signature have been changed; 3.Erroneous references to articles of the draft service contract have been corrected at pages 12, 13 and 41.
Translation of technical regulations in relation to Directive (EU) 2015/1535 of ...
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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What tool/method will be used to calculate the similarity in case of translation of final texts?
As mentioned in point 1.1.1(c), "the estimation of the differences between the draft and the final version [...]
I cannot see any requirement on the CAT tool which should be used to translate the documents. Am I correct [...]
The specifications of the call for tender do not require any specific CAT tool to be used. Sufficient [...]
In the invitation to Tender, it is stated that "The Tender must be received by not later than 1 March [...]
The date of receipt consists in the date at which the tenderer can no longer alter its tender. This date [...]
In the specifications, it its written that "Tenderers shall submit the name of at least one translator [...]
A corrigendum to the tender specifications has been published. According to Point 2.3 of Section 5.2.1 [...]
In the specifications it is written that “The final texts will have to be translated in the same languages [...]
Final texts are the adopted version of the notified draft legislations, therefore they are generally [...]
On. pg 27 of the Specifications, its is stated that "Tenderers shall submit the name of at least one [...]
A corrigendum to the tender specifications has been published. According to Point 2.3 of Section 5.2.1 [...]
On pg. 28 of the Specifications, it is stated that the CV needs to be signed by the translator/reviser [...]
The Commission does not require the CVs to be submitted in original. Scanned copies of the filled and [...]
Could you please clarify if we as a company should present reference letters or any other document as [...]
The Commission does not require any reference letters or other documents as evidence of the professional [...]
Do you plan to sign a contract with a sole supplier or with several suppliers ?
In line with the draft contract published on e-Tendering the Commission will sign the service contract [...]
Could your please confirm that the translations should be revised by a second translator who will compare [...]
The tender specifications do not state whether 'translations should be revised by a second translator [...]