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Due to the present situation of confinement related to the Coronavirus pandemic , a public opening of tenders is not possible. The opening will take place on 16/04/2020 at 11:00 hrs as scheduled and the record automatically generated by the system will be sent to all tenderers after the closure of the opening session. For exceptional reasons the deadline of this Call for Tenders has been extended to 14/04/2020 12:00 - the new deadline will be published soon in eNotices.
Framework Contract for Evaluation, Impact and Compliance Assessment, Policy Supp...
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European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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For Lot 1, one of the criteria to proof technical and professional capacity is references for relevant [...]
While other studies can be referenced as well, the technical and professional capacity under criterion [...]
The ToR for Lot 1 ask for project references as proof for the technical and professional capacity with [...]
The value of the project is to be understood as the value of the contracts signed.
On p.32 Criterion A5 asks for proof that tenderers cover all Member States in each of the main policy [...]
The list of topics provided for on pages 12 and 13 intends to present the scope of policy areas under [...]
Would you mind confirming whether the word count for each case study under Lot 2 is 25,000 each please [...]
The word count limit for the two case studies related to Lot 2 is of 15,000 words each, as indicated [...]
As the respect of the requested length limit is part of the award criteria for the case studies, can [...]
The maximum length for case studies must be calculated in global terms. It is for the tenderer to present [...]
1. Could the Commission confirm that references for 6 (six) project are required in order to meet criterion [...]
Question 1 : For Lot 2, the Commission requests 3 studies carried out for compliance assessment (min. [...]
Could you please specify the maximum number of words for both case studies under Lot 3?
The word limit should be 15,000 for each study.
Dear Sir or Madam, We would be grateful if you could please assist us with answering the following clarification [...]
We have amended the ToR and you will now see that the selection criterion A1 refers to impact assessments [...]
1) Our first question relates to the interpretation of criterion A1. If the criterion was interpreted [...]
1. We have amended the ToR and you will now see that the selection criterion A1 refers to impact assessments [...]
1. On page 9 of the Terms of Reference, it is mentioned that 'The cover letter must include the proportion [...]
1. Point 1.6 of the tender specifications provides to the tenderers the possibility to introduce subcontracting [...]