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Tender reference number Title Contracting authority Status Start date Closing date
EEAS-659-DELMOZM-SER-FWC Security Services for the Delegation of ... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 11/04/2019 30/09/2019
JRC/KRU/2019/RP/1241 Monitoring of surveillance system and te... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Karlsruhe (JRC-KRU) Closed 11/04/2019 13/09/2019
JRC/KRU/2019/OP/1243 Establishing a 20 kV power connection be... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Karlsruhe (JRC-KRU) Closed 11/04/2019 24/05/2019
743/PP/GRO/COPE/19/11303 Copernicus Security Framework Update European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW) Closed 11/04/2019 05/06/2019
06/2019/OP/EITPROC Provision of Interim Staff Services for ... European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Closed 12/04/2019 23/05/2019
2019CE16BAT043 Organisation of Events European Commission, DG Regional and urban Policy (REGIO) Closed 12/04/2019 28/05/2019
AO 684 Maintenance of catering, kitchen, cafete... European Court of Auditors (ECA) Closed 12/04/2019 10/05/2019
EAC/49/2018 Framework Contract for the Supply of Sub... European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC) Closed 12/04/2019 15/05/2019
FL/GENAFF19 FL/GENAFF19 Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CDT) Closed 12/04/2019 13/05/2019
OIB/IPR/2019/OP/0020 Catering service for the Joint Research ... European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB) Closed 12/04/2019 27/05/2019
2019-01/IT DEV Assignment based Development of web, hea... Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) Closed 12/04/2019 17/05/2019
06A70/2019/M023 Supply of electricity in the buildings o... European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO) Closed 16/04/2019 27/05/2019
TA2018228 RS ERI Serbian Inland Waterway Infrastructure I... European Investment Bank (EIB) Closed 16/04/2019 06/09/2019
MOVE/A3/2019-401 New Mobility Patterns in European Cities European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE) Closed 16/04/2019 07/06/2019
Frontex/OP/59/2019/MS Framework Contract for the provision of ... European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) Closed 16/04/2019 20/05/2019
PE/FINS-FMS 19 External Provision of IT Services: Exper... European Parliament, DG Finance Closed 16/04/2019 29/05/2019
SMART 2018/1022 Establishment of a Core Service Platform... European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT) Closed 16/04/2019 07/06/2019
EEAS-677-DELTURA-SER–FWC Cleaning and Ancillary Services for the ... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 16/04/2019 05/08/2019
JRC/GEE/2019/OP/1239 Highly Enriched and Natural Uranium Meta... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Geel (JRC-GEE) Closed 17/04/2019 29/05/2019
JRC/KRU/2019/OP/1369 Delivery of semi-finished products and p... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Karlsruhe (JRC-KRU) Closed 17/04/2019 21/06/2019
HR/R1/PO/2019/016 Training first response teams in case of... European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security (HR) Closed 18/04/2019 12/06/2019
CFT-1533 Provision of Cleaning Services for the E... European Investment Bank (EIB) Closed 18/04/2019 14/06/2019
ENV.A.3/SER/2019/0009 Implementation of a Green City Accord European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV) Closed 18/04/2019 23/05/2019
EAC/01/2019 Framework Service Contract to Carry out ... European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC) Closed 18/04/2019 05/06/2019
AO/007/19 Telecommunications services — Mobile tel... European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) Closed 19/04/2019 27/05/2019