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Tender reference number Title Contracting authority Status Start date Closing date
MOVE/C2/SER/2019-85 Operating the European Road Safety Chart... European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE) Open 04/02/2020 29/04/2020
Updated in the last 7 days. JUST/2020/PR/03/001 Framework Contract for Evaluation, Impac... European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST) Open 04/02/2020 14/04/2020
LISA/2019/OP/01 Transversal Engineering Framework (TEF) European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systemsin the area of freedom, security and justice Open 05/02/2020 31/03/2020
AA-001188-001 (TA2018230 IE NCF) Support of a Forestry Fund for Pipeline ... European Investment Bank (EIB) Open 07/02/2020 03/04/2020
AA-001172-001 Detailed preliminary project and environ... European Investment Bank (EIB) Open 11/02/2020 N/A
Updated in the last 7 days. FRONTEX/OP/301/2019 Multiple Framework Contract with Reopeni... European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) Open 12/02/2020 31/03/2020
OP/LUX/2020/OP/0003 Language Editing of Documents in English Publications Office of the European Union (OP) Open 12/02/2020 22/04/2020
Updated in the last 7 days. ENV/2020/OP/0003 Developing Tools to Support Farmland Bir... European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV) Open 12/02/2020 17/04/2020
Updated in the last 7 days. CNECT/2020/OP/0009 CNECT/2020/OP/0009 — Study on Copyright ... European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT) Open 12/02/2020 03/06/2020
Updated in the last 7 days. EPRS/LIBS/SER/19/019 Serials, Newsstand Publications, Databas... European Parliament, DG European Parliamentary Research Service Open 13/02/2020 04/06/2020
AA-010026-001 Project Preparation and Implementation P... European Investment Bank (EIB) Open 14/02/2020 14/04/2020
Updated in the last 7 days. FRONTEX/RP/1485/2019 Framework Contract for the Development o... European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) Open 14/02/2020 N/A
EEAS/DELJAMK/2020/CPN/0009 Security Services for the E.U. Delegatio... European External Action Service (EEAS) Open 17/02/2020 N/A
ENISA F-COD-20-T03 Development and Support of Infrastructur... European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) Open 17/02/2020 30/03/2020
06A50/2019/M078 AO 19-078-Concession de coiffure dans la... European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO) Open 17/02/2020 N/A
ITOMS19 ICT Infrastructure Services — Provision ... European Parliament, DG Innovation and Technological support (ITEC) Open 18/02/2020 20/04/2020
Updated in the last 7 days. MOVE/C2/SER/2019/547 Study on a Methodology for Network-wide ... European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE) Open 20/02/2020 03/05/2020
06A70/2019/M067 Plumbing — sanitary works in the buildin... European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO) Open 20/02/2020 20/04/2020
EESC/2020/DIR D/01 Provision of Services in the Field of Di... European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Open 21/02/2020 14/04/2020
Updated in the last 7 days. EMA/2019/15/BD Data Management Services European Medicines Agency (EMA) Open 21/02/2020 14/04/2020
CDT-NET/2020 CDT-NET/2020 Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CDT) Open 21/02/2020 14/04/2020
GROW/2020/OP/0004 Study on National Regulatory Approaches ... European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW) Open 25/02/2020 06/04/2020
EBA/2019/23/CSU/SER/NP Multi-technical Maintenance European Banking Authority (EBA) Open 25/02/2020 15/04/2020
FISMA/2020/OP/0001 Machine Readable and Executable Reportin... European Commission, DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (FISMA) Open 26/02/2020 15/04/2020
AO/DRS/KZIOG/EngineeringConsultingServic... Engineering Consulting Services for the ... European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) Open 26/02/2020 30/04/2020