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Referentienummer van de inschrijving Titel Aanbestedende dienst Status Aanvangsdatum Afsluitingsdatum
REGIO/2023/LVP/0057-ExA Accelerated closure of open cases from G... European Commission, DG Regional and urban Policy (REGIO) Afgesloten 23/10/2023 05/11/2023
EMPL/2022/OP/0013 AccessibleEU European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL) Afgesloten 02/08/2022 26/09/2022
OSHA/2024/MVP/0022-ExA Accidents at work in the HeSCare sector European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) Openbaar 07/05/2024 21/05/2024
NP/2022/RMS/25250 ex-ante publicity Accommodation Search Services European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Afgesloten 26/10/2022 16/11/2022
EIT/2023/MVP/0013-ExA Accommodation services for the EIT Gover... European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Afgesloten 14/07/2023 28/07/2023
NEAR/RBA/2021/EA-RP/0055 Accompagnement au processus de mise à ni... Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) Afgesloten 19/03/2021 15/09/2021
JRC/IPR/2023/OP/1483-PIN Accordo Quadro per attivitá di manutenzi... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR) Openbaar 14/06/2023 Niet van toepassing
HR/2023/MVP/0348-ExA Achat cartouches encre + étiquettes + ru... European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security (HR) Afgesloten 30/09/2023 15/10/2023
CESE/DL/1/2021 Achat d'une pelliculeuse neuve et la pre... European Economic and Social Committee, Directorate for Logistics Afgesloten 05/02/2021 19/02/2021
HR/2023/LVP/0048-ExA Achat de tests pour dépister le sang occ... European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security (HR) Afgesloten 14/02/2023 22/02/2023