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Tender reference number Title Contracting authority Status Start date Closing date
EEAS/DELMARR/2019/CPN/0008 Security services for the Delegation of ... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 26/07/2019 09/12/2019
BUDG19/PO/05 Selection of Banks for the Execution of ... European Commission, DG Budget (BUDG) Closed 26/07/2019 26/09/2019
AO/DSI/JB/Future_of_VET/003/19 The Future of Vocational Education and T... European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) Closed 26/07/2019 30/09/2019
JRC/KRU/2019/OP/2440 Works on ventilation and air conditionin... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Karlsruhe (JRC-KRU) Closed 26/07/2019 17/09/2019
MOVE/C3/2019-515 Assistance to the European Network of In... European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE) Closed 25/07/2019 02/09/2019
ENER/D3/2019-231-2 Constant Improvement in Quality and Safe... European Commission, DG Energy (ENER) Closed 25/07/2019 10/10/2019
BUDG19/PO/02 Inter-institutional Framework Service Co... European Commission, DG Budget (BUDG) Closed 25/07/2019 30/09/2019
AO/009/19 Outsourcing Linguistic Services European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) Closed 25/07/2019 30/09/2019
AO/005/19 Provision of Training Services for the E... European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) Closed 25/07/2019 20/09/2019
CLIMA.B2ETU/2019/0012 Study on the Risks of Money Laundering, ... European Commission, DG for Climate Action (CLIMA) Closed 25/07/2019 23/09/2019
COMM/AWD/2019/465 Provision of Service Staff for the Europ... European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM) Closed 24/07/2019 24/09/2019
FCH / Contract 243 Event Organisation Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking Closed 23/07/2019 30/08/2019
EEAS/DELUKRK/2019/OP/0024 Media Support for the Delegation of the ... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 23/07/2019 10/09/2019
CEPOL/PR/OP/2019/002 Supply of CEPOL Promotional Products European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) Closed 23/07/2019 05/09/2019
AA-001188-001 Support of a Forestry Fund for Pipeline ... European Investment Bank (EIB) Closed 23/07/2019 09/09/2019
JRC/SVQ/2019/OP/2408 Technical Support for the Development an... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Seville (JRC-SVQ) Closed 23/07/2019 17/09/2019
EEA/DIS/R0/19/012 Framework Service Contract for the Coper... European Environment Agency (EEA) Closed 22/07/2019 23/09/2019
06C60/2019/M030 Provision of services concerning the acc... European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO) Closed 22/07/2019 13/09/2019
ESTAT/B/2019/010 Purchase of External Statistical Data: A... European Commission, DG EUROSTAT Closed 22/07/2019 30/08/2019
Call 2019 ECFIN 004/D Selection of Consultants to Conduct Oper... European Commission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN) Closed 22/07/2019 18/09/2019
EMA/2019/02/FI Banking Services European Medicines Agency (EMA) Closed 19/07/2019 19/08/2019
2018CE16BAT118 Capacity Building on Identifying and Pre... European Commission, DG Regional and urban Policy (REGIO) Closed 19/07/2019 12/09/2019
ENER/D4/2019-41 Follow Up Study on the Economic Benefits... European Commission, DG Energy (ENER) Closed 19/07/2019 09/09/2019
Frontex/OP/679/2019/MS Framework Contract for the Provision of ... European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) Closed 19/07/2019 02/09/2019
ENV.F.3/SER/2019/0020 Monitoring of the Implementation and Enf... European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV) Closed 19/07/2019 05/09/2019