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Tender reference number Title Contracting authority Status Start date Closing date
ESTAT/LUX/2020/OP/0001 SNA (System of National Accounts) Update European Commission, DG EUROSTAT Closed 28/01/2020 15/04/2020
ENV/2020/OP/0003 Developing Tools to Support Farmland Bir... European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV) Closed 12/02/2020 17/04/2020
COJ-PROC-18/026 Integrated Case Management System Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Closed 14/08/2019 17/04/2020
BEREC/2020/02/OT Study on Consumer Behaviour Towards Digi... Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) Closed 02/03/2020 17/04/2020
EMSA/OP/5/2020 Framework Contract for the Supply of Med... European Maritime Safety Agency Closed 11/03/2020 19/04/2020
06A70/2019/M067 Plumbing — sanitary works in the buildin... European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO) Closed 20/02/2020 20/04/2020
06A20/2019/M020 Inspections of structural works and fini... European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO) Closed 10/03/2020 20/04/2020
CNECT/2020/OP/0004 Survey of Businesses on the Use of Digit... European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT) Closed 13/03/2020 21/04/2020
OP/LUX/2020/OP/0003 Language Editing of Documents in English Publications Office of the European Union (OP) Closed 12/02/2020 22/04/2020
ECHO/2020/OP/0001 ECHO/2020/OP/0001 — Enhanced European Na... European Commission, DG for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) Closed 10/03/2020 22/04/2020