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Tender reference number Title Contracting authority Status Start date Closing date
EASO/2019/754 Provision of Temporary Agency Workers fo... European Asylum Support Office (EASO) Closed 07/11/2019 03/12/2019
EACEA/2019/06 Single Framework Service Contract for th... Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) Closed 19/11/2019 04/12/2019
D-SE-19-T05 Roma Survey 2020 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) Closed 30/10/2019 04/12/2019
19.RTI.OP.373 Service Contract for the Provision of a ... European Defence Agency (EDA) Closed 21/10/2019 05/12/2019
AO/DSL/ILIVAN/Skills Forecast/005/19 Production and Analysis of the Skills Fo... European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) Closed 21/10/2019 05/12/2019
EEAS/DELJORA/2019/RP/0009 Cleaning Services for the Delegation of ... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 18/07/2019 05/12/2019
06D10/2019/M037 AO 06D10/2019/M037 — All-risks insurance... European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO) Closed 01/10/2019 05/12/2019
EEA/DIS/R0/19/010 Pan European High Resolution Snow and Ic... European Environment Agency (EEA) Closed 31/10/2019 06/12/2019
SRSS/2019/OP/0001 Support for Insolvency, Pre-insolvency, ... Structural Reform Support Service Closed 07/11/2019 09/12/2019
EASA.2019.HVP.08 Environmental Research European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Closed 09/10/2019 09/12/2019
COJ-PROC-19/026 Development, renovation and repair work ... Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Closed 31/10/2019 09/12/2019
EEAS/DELMARR/2019/CPN/0008 Security services for the Delegation of ... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 26/07/2019 09/12/2019
PR/2019-05-INF/ZAG Cleaning Services for the Premises of th... European Commission, DG Communication (COMM) Closed 17/09/2019 09/12/2019
AO/018/19 Provision of IT Infrastructure and Opera... European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) Closed 15/10/2019 10/12/2019
1574 Advisory Services in the field of Facili... European Investment Bank (EIB) Closed 18/10/2019 10/12/2019
Chafea/2019/Health/06 Chafea/2019/Health/06 Service Contract f... Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) Closed 30/10/2019 10/12/2019
EEAS-614-DELJAMK-SER-FWC Security Services for the EU Delegation ... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 15/12/2018 11/12/2019
CHAFEA/2019/CP/01 Multiple Framework Contracts with Re-ope... Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) Closed 25/09/2019 12/12/2019
EEA/DIS/19/002 IT Consultancy Services to the EEA and t... European Environment Agency (EEA) Closed 11/11/2019 12/12/2019
AO/DCM/MTA/Editing-Formatting-Copywritin... English Language Services: Editing, Form... European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) Closed 12/11/2019 12/12/2019
N° MOVE/D2/2019- 550 V2.0 EU Performance Based Framework for Passe... European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE) Closed 01/10/2019 13/12/2019
ESTAT/B/2019/019 Acquisition of Financial, Employment, Ow... European Commission, DG EUROSTAT Closed 05/11/2019 13/12/2019
FRONTEX/OP/888/2019/JL/CG Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)... European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) Closed 18/10/2019 13/12/2019
AA-010064-001-D Technical Assistance to Support Thematic... European Investment Bank (EIB) Closed 31/10/2019 13/12/2019
EASA.2019.HVP.21 ITREX — Provision of External Expertise ... European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Closed 30/10/2019 16/12/2019