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Tender reference number Title Contracting authority Status Start date Closing date
Frontex/OP/1499/2018/RS Testing and Evaluation of a New Copernic... European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) Closed 06/03/2019 09/04/2019
EMSA/OP/20/2020 Testing EMSA Dispersant Stockpiles European Maritime Safety Agency Closed 26/05/2020 06/07/2020
EEAS/2020/MVP/0058-ExA Tests de dépistage COVID-19 pour le Serv... European External Action Service (EEAS) Closed 06/11/2020 16/11/2020
JUST/2014/RDIS/PR/EQUA/117. The business case of diversity for enter... European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST) Closed 20/03/2015 05/05/2015
OJ/27/11/2015-PROC/2015/034. The development of a seroprevalence surv... European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Closed 12/12/2015 29/02/2016
MARKT/2013/064/D. The economic review of industrial design... European Commission, DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (FISMA) Closed 13/07/2013 09/09/2013
ENV.A.2/ETU/2014/0026. The efficient functioning of waste marke... European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA Closed 12/06/2014 07/08/2014
COMM/BUD/2020/OP/0022 The Establishment of a Single Framework ... European Commission, DG Communication (COMM) Closed 17/06/2020 31/08/2020
JRC/SVQ/2020/MVP/1376-ExA The EU and Global Production Networks: T... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Seville (JRC-SVQ) Closed 22/05/2020 10/06/2020
AO/DSI/JB/Future_of_VET/003/19 The Future of Vocational Education and T... European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) Closed 26/07/2019 30/09/2019