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Referenčné číslo ponuky Názov Obstarávateľ Stav Dátum začatia Dátum uzávierky
EC-JRC/IPR/2024/MVP/0668-ExA Knowledge reviews on topics related to f... European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR) Uzavreté 11/03/2024 05/04/2024
-ExA Supply of a marquee and ancillary equipm... European Commission, DG Communication (COMM) Uzavreté 12/03/2024 26/03/2024
EC-OIB/2024/MVP/0026-ExA FOURNITURE DE GASOIL-GROUPES DE SECOURS European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB) Uzavreté 13/03/2024 02/04/2024
EC-CNECT/2024/MVP/0020-ExA Study on pornographic platforms European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT) Uzavreté 13/03/2024 27/03/2024
OSHA/2024/MVP/0010-ExA Occupational Safety and Health of home c... European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) Uzavreté 13/03/2024 04/04/2024
EC-SANTE/GRA/2024/LVP/0014-ExA Replacement of Cylon meters for utilitie... European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE) Uzavreté 13/03/2024 21/03/2024
EC-JRC/SVQ/2024/LVP/0751-ExA Audiovisual and Graphic Design Services European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Seville (JRC-SVQ) Uzavreté 13/03/2024 31/03/2024
OSHA/2024/MVP/0004-ExA Provision of publications and subscripti... European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) Uzavreté 14/03/2024 02/04/2024
EC-HR/2024/MVP/0131-ExA Achat et maintenance de machines portabl... European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security (HR) Uzavreté 15/03/2024 03/04/2024
EMA/2024/MVP/0009-ExA Provision of legal advice in procurement... European Medicines Agency (EMA) Uzavreté 18/03/2024 02/04/2024