Call for tenders' details

Purchase of safety and security equipment/supplies for the 3 working places of t...
Contracting authority:
European Parliament, DG Security and Safety (SAFE)
TED publication date:
Time limit for receipt of tenders:
Lot information
Safety equipment and supplies
2 sets of products are to be supplied under the lot, mandatory items and non-mandatory items. The mandatory items are the items that the contracting authority requires to be provided according to technical characteristics described in Annex I to the ‘Specifications’ (firefighting equipment, personal protection, measuring instruments, storage, logistics and signage items, tools, first aid training items and other). The non-mandatory items are the items which specifications are not defined in the tender documents, but fall under the category of the lot. These items would be ordered from a catalogue of the contractor. For information, non-mandatory items to be included in the catalogue would be: axe, snow shovel, broom, stepladder, electricity generator, portable projectors, 24V light to be used in humid environment, security or storage cabinets, high visibility vests in various colours and personalised prints, consumables for first aid kit, consumables for make-up kit for first aid trainings and other safety equipment and supplies.