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Provision of training courses for Accident Investigators
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Advanced course for accident investigators.
The procurement objective is to identify suitable lecturer(s) that will: — assist EMSA trainer(s) on the basis of the points listed in Point 2.2.1. The exact involvement will be discussed between EMSA trainer(s) and the contractor at least 3 weeks before the date the planned training is supposed to take place. The modules where the contractor is supposed to assist in the delivery the EMSA trainer will be for an estimated total of 6 hours, — develop the content, related practical exercises / case studies (conducted in the classroom) and deliver modules as per course outline on the basis of the points listed in Point 2.2.2 for an estimated total number of 29 hours. The contractor is supposed to prepare appropriate training material before the first training session and update it between the following sessions if needed on the basis of the feedback of the participants on achieving the course objectives, as defined in Point 2.2.2 and in collaboration with the EMSA trainer(s). The contractor should promote a high degree of active participation by all attendees at the course and, in this regards, the mentioned exercise / case studies should be delivered in the classroom with participants split in groups. Moreover, the supporting documentation shall include comprehensive training notes to be distributed to the participants.
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