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Works for the European Union Intellectual Property Office
Contracting authority:
European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
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Lot information
Small works and operational modifications
The works object of this lot can be classified as follows:New implementation works: the new implementation works include all works of new infrastructures, facilities or buildings inside any building or campus of the EUIPO in Spain or abroad both today and in the future,Renovation works: the renovation works include all expansion, improvement, modernisation, adaptation, adjustment or reinforcement works of any of the properties of the EUIPO, including the fitting out works that involve making new facilities or modernising existing ones inside any building or campus of the EUIPO in Spain or abroad both today and in the future,Operational modification works: the object of the operational modification works is to act immediately or in the short term to remedy unforeseen events or those irreparable by the Office, or to satisfy urgent needs that may generate a risk to the activity of the Office. Beyond the works described above, the scope of the services includes:1) The contract will require a series of minimum human and material resources to be able to implement the works with solvency. Therefore, the availability of a works team is requested with continuous presence at the EUIPO and a rapid reaction force with availability in less than 24 hours;2) Commissioning of the facilities attached to each work or installation performed;3) Cleaning of work;4) Delivery of the “As-built” documentation associated with the implementation of the small works;5) Corrective maintenance of the installations over the associated warranty period. The preventive maintenance will be assigned obligatorily to the general maintenance company of the EUIPO, as indicated in the contract;6) All technical, administrative, organisational and inspection activities needed to guarantee the required quality of the works, installations implemented and operational modifications.
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